The Captain’s Locker

At Christopher Newport, there’s a lovely shop called “The Captain’s Locker.” Inside is just about anything you could ever need for academic or memorabilia-related purposes.

To be more specific, the store is located in the David Student Union or the DSU as it’s known among the CNU community. It’s hard to miss, and for visitors, it’s certainly one of the first places they check. The store has all sorts of Captain souvenirs to take home. It’s much more than a few shirts and hats. There’s mugs, calendars, stuffed animals, frisbees and plenty more to take home. The Captain’s Locker has something for everyone, a holiday or birthday gift for everyone in the family.

For the student, there’s also plenty to stock up in the store besides gifts. The Captain’s Locker houses tons of academic materials, so you never have to travel far to get an extra notebook or pencil. There’s also scantrons, essay booklets, folders, envelopes and other resources to help get you prepared for a semester’s worth of work.

It’s a one-stop shop for plenty of your Christopher Newport needs. I can count several occasions in which I hurriedly dashed through the store to purchase a scantron in time for a class which was only a few minutes away. It’s one of many, many amenities that Christopher Newport offers its students to ensure their success on campus.

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