Switching Classes

For incoming students, switching classes is something that is usually rumored to be very difficult. Thankfully, at Christopher Newport, the process has been simplified so that it can be done with ease. In the beginning of this semester, I found myself a little overwhelmed with the course load I had picked. So, I switched them around, and was happy to find that it was a very easy process that caters to the student’s needs.

Christopher Newport puts the student first. These processes, which can often be very toilsome at larger colleges, are done smoothly at Christopher Newport. The goal of the staff and faculty at this university is to best help the student graduate on time and with a degree in the field they want. There is almost always an alternative class if you have to switch.

In addition, if the class you want is full, you have the option to ask for an override. Overrides are granted in the case of extenuating circumstances, which basically means that you need a good reason. Though, as I said, there are always alternatives to classes if you can’t get the override you want!

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