Snowed in at CNU

I arrived back to campus the Wednesday before the first day of classes (I’m a resident assistant). The whole day was filled with anticipation for the snow. We were acting like kids in middle school hoping for a day off the next day to have a snowball fight and build a snowman. The quietness of the building made for a peaceful atmosphere as the snow started to fall that night.

We were excited for the best, but preparing for the worst. Rumors were flying about how much we were going to get. “I think 5 inches,” “I think 3” or “It’s not going to snow.” All the while, our hall director was handing out flashlights and instructing us on how to handle a power outage, which never did happen despite the good 5 or 6 inches of snow that fell that night.

Going to bed with a soft blanket of snow on the ground and waking up to a white campus was the most magical thing I have ever seen here at Christopher Newport. Everyone always talks about the magic at CNU and I feel that all the time walking on campus. Now, add the magic and beauty of snow to that picture and you have something truly priceless. We did get the day off we were hoping for because training for the staff was canceled that day. We spent the day staying warm, making snow ice cream and enjoying each other’s company. We were snowed in!

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