How to Save Money on Textbooks

The cost of textbooks can be unreasonably high sometimes. I know most of us are thankful when our professors post the textbook readings online because it saves us some (a lot) of money. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers reading from an actual book and not a screen then you may have another option of doing so without purchasing the books.

Some professors put their required textbooks on reserve at the Trible Library. Usually, the professor will announce this to the class during syllabus week. If you choose to check out the book from the library all you have to do is go to the circulation desk, which is located on the first floor by the main entrance. The student employee will ask what the course number is and your professor’s last name. That is all the information you need in order to check out textbooks.

The check out time is for two hours, but if you need it for longer than that you can go back to the circulation desk and reserve it for two more hours. Many students use this alternative way for having access to their course textbooks because it isĀ free.

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