How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Christopher Newport’s goal is to prepare you for the future. The university is aware college is often expensive, and so they have resources like the Center for Career Planning to help students learn practical skills in the pursuit of jobs. A degree is the culmination of many years of hard work, and you can get this at any college. Christopher Newport is different because not only do they provide a degree, but also prepare you for your future in the job market. They are committed to ensuring you are successful during college, but also well after. Below are just a few of the tips the Center for Career Planning offers to help students land jobs:

  1. Practice! This is a broad term, but it’s true nonetheless. Look online for some typical interview questions. Then, practice answering them. Ask your friend to help you out! You should be able to effectively answer any job-related question in a succinct and professional manner.
  2. Eye contact. You’ve been told this time and time again. Make good eye contact! It’s a very simple step you can take to ensure your interviewer knows you are engaged with what they are saying. This leads to my next point…
  3. Be an active listener. The first step of active listening is eye contact, but it extends far beyond that. An active listener responds to the person they are listening to. This is done in a variety of ways. Firstly, giving the person your full attention, but also nodding and offering non-verbal signals that indicate your commitment to the conversation.
  4. Ask questions. When the interviewer, at the end of the interview, asks if you have any questions. The answer is always yes! The interview wants to know that you are engaged and interested with the job you are applying for. Not to mention, asking a few clarifying questions can help you to figure out if the job is a right fit for you. So, come up with some questions ahead of time!

This may not sound like much, but using these few simple steps can greatly increase your chances of success. Though, this isn’t all the Center for Career Planning does for the students. They also provide intern opportunities, have one on one appointments, and host many seminars and events throughout the year!

With all of this said, even if you don’t get that job you were hoping for, don’t be discouraged. Continue practicing these methods and you’ll land one in no time!

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