Finding a Roommate

Going into Christopher Newport University as a freshman in 2015 I was not worried at all about who my roommate would be. I, like many others, chose to be assigned a random roommate. Some choose to find a potential roommate through the Facebook pages that are created for each graduating class.

There are pros and cons to each of the ways of going about it. From my personal experience, I am glad I chose to go in random because my two roommates and I got along well and so did my friends and their roommates. Funny, huh? Three girls sharing a small room and no problems at all. I came to realize that CNU Housing did a great job pairing people up.

I believe that it could be a disappointment if you find someone to be your roommate and things do not go well while living together. Sometimes it is also better to not live with your best friends because of the risk of it affecting your friendship. If you are looking to request a roommate I suggest posting on the class page of your graduating year on Facebook. A typical post when searching for a roommate includes a brief introduction about yourself, your major, interests, hobbies and a few other fun things that you think your potential roommate should know about you.

Another way of finding the right person is by talking to people when attending events that CNU holds for accepted students. This may be the best way because you are actually interacting with the person face to face and not through a computer screen. Whichever way you decide to go about it, I can assure you that it will all work out.

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