Being Introverted

Christopher Newport is an explosion of learning, creativity and friendship. The campus is small and the students are friendly, but as an introvert, it is sometimes exhausting to be surrounded by peers 24/7. My freshman year, I lived in an octosuite, which is four connecting rooms with eight people total, and I was constantly surrounded by people.

I quickly learned the value of having time alone to breathe and regroup. I realized that by asking my roommate to keep the room dark at certain times for napping, and by dedicating in-between class time to relaxing alone, I was able to energize without compromising social time. It’s all about balance and knowing what your body needs.

Some people need more alone time than others, and everyone’s reactions to busy college life are valid. I love dedicating my early mornings to brewing a cup of tea and meditating by myself. I love my friends as well and have rare moments of flapping my social butterfly wings, but knowing I can take the time to slow down and have private space is irreplaceable.

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