Asking Questions in Class

It can be very nerve-wracking to stop a professor’s lecture and ask a question. Though, it’s very important to ask if you are confused. At CNU, the professors are very approachable and open to answering questions. They want to be the best professors they can be, but they can’t do it without you.

Every teacher has his or her own teaching style, and it’s true that a certain teaching style will not cater to every single student. It’s for this reason that you must make sure you do your part as the student. This is that you alert the professor to any concerns you may have so that they can be addressed accordingly. Again, the staff at Christopher Newport is wholly committed to your success, but they can’t do it alone.

A lot of students wait to go to office hours or send an email, which is a great idea, but they often forget the most simple solution: ask in class. If you have a question, chances are there is, at the very least, one other student who is wondering the same thing. This is the best way to get an immediate answer, and you won’t be left wondering for days on end. The professors here want to listen to your feedback, and if they haven’t gotten their point across, they want to know about it. This is what’s so great about Christopher Newport, every student is truly valued by their professors. There’s no need to ever question that. So, raise your hand and ask a question!

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