4 CNU Classes That Offer Practical Skills

Christopher Newport is a liberal arts university, so you receive an education that encompasses many different subjects. Some classes are regarded as “gen eds” (we call it the Liberal Learning Core Curriculum) and as not being important. However, many of these classes provide practical skills you will use later in life, such as:

  1. Public Speaking. This is a communication course and an invaluable skill. Being able to address a room is something all employers look for. This class teaches you the basics of how to present yourself, and how to deliver a clear and engaging message.
  2. Introduction To Computing. Most everyone who is college age in America knows how to use the internet pretty well. However, the inner workings of computers can confuse and befuddle even the most well-versed internet users. This class offers a peek behind the curtain at the tech in computing, such as coding and other things. An introductory course like this, even for those not interested in a job in computer science, looks great on a resume, as you learn the fundamentals of the subject.
  3. Constitutional Law. This one might not sound too practical at first. Though, having a comprehensive, or even elementary understanding, of the law can be a huge help in a wide array of situations. Whether you’re simply pulled over on the highway, or stopped in an airport, it’s important to know your rights. This course can offer a lot of insight into what powers you do and don’t have.
  4. Leadership 210. This is the first class President Leadership Program students are required to take, and it’s a great foundation to the leadership minor. Though, this class is available to all students at Christopher Newport, and I highly recommend it to any student. The fundamentals of leadership are discussed in this class. As a Captain, you can expect to enter the workforce with a great education, and coupled with a wealth of knowledge regarding leadership, you will be a great asset to any organization.

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