Career Fair

Every year, Christopher Newport University’s Center for Career Planning (CCP) hosts a career fair during both the fall and spring semesters. A large number of organizations and graduate schools are invited to the event. This is a great way for students to network and potentially find an internship or a full-time job.

The CCP recommend that we look over the list of organizations and graduate schools attending prior to going to the career fair. A helpful tip is to make a list of the top organizations or schools you are interested in and to talk to a representative of each one. It is important to make yourself stand out because, remember, that representative could be your employer.

Professional dress is required and it is important to have copies of your resume to give to each representative of the organizations you are interested in. The CCP holds other events throughout the semester to prepare you for the career fair. You will receive help on your resume and practice interview skills. Their famous quote around campus is “You get jobs by talking to people.” So, go on out to the career fair to learn about organizations and graduate schools that you may be interested in!

Signing Day

Christopher Newport University is a school with many wonderful traditions. One of them is the annual Signing Day. Every year, students in the sophomore class are invited to gather for this celebration as they officially declare their major.

Although we sign and declare a major, we are still able to switch it if we decide it is not the right one for us. Signing Day is more of a tradition of bringing all of us together in sharing the excitement of what career paths we are choosing to take. It is a great way to take a little break from the stress of classes, dress up, take pictures and continue enjoying this new chapter in life.

This is probably one of my favorite memories here at CNU because of the meaning behind it. Through the process, we are making an important life decision. We are declaring a major. This is what we plan to do in our career path. It was great having my friends with me and seeing us all support each other with the big decision we had just made. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience, so make the best of it!

Finding a Roommate

Going into Christopher Newport University as a freshman in 2015 I was not worried at all about who my roommate would be. I, like many others, chose to be assigned a random roommate. Some choose to find a potential roommate through the Facebook pages that are created for each graduating class.

There are pros and cons to each of the ways of going about it. From my personal experience, I am glad I chose to go in random because my two roommates and I got along well and so did my friends and their roommates. Funny, huh? Three girls sharing a small room and no problems at all. I came to realize that CNU Housing did a great job pairing people up.

I believe that it could be a disappointment if you find someone to be your roommate and things do not go well while living together. Sometimes it is also better to not live with your best friends because of the risk of it affecting your friendship. If you are looking to request a roommate I suggest posting on the class page of your graduating year on Facebook. A typical post when searching for a roommate includes a brief introduction about yourself, your major, interests, hobbies and a few other fun things that you think your potential roommate should know about you.

Another way of finding the right person is by talking to people when attending events that CNU holds for accepted students. This may be the best way because you are actually interacting with the person face to face and not through a computer screen. Whichever way you decide to go about it, I can assure you that it will all work out.

Being Introverted

Christopher Newport is an explosion of learning, creativity and friendship. The campus is small and the students are friendly, but as an introvert, it is sometimes exhausting to be surrounded by peers 24/7. My freshman year, I lived in an octosuite, which is four connecting rooms with eight people total, and I was constantly surrounded by people.

I quickly learned the value of having time alone to breathe and regroup. I realized that by asking my roommate to keep the room dark at certain times for napping, and by dedicating in-between class time to relaxing alone, I was able to energize without compromising social time. It’s all about balance and knowing what your body needs.

Some people need more alone time than others, and everyone’s reactions to busy college life are valid. I love dedicating my early mornings to brewing a cup of tea and meditating by myself. I love my friends as well and have rare moments of flapping my social butterfly wings, but knowing I can take the time to slow down and have private space is irreplaceable.

Switching Classes

For incoming students, switching classes is something that is usually rumored to be very difficult. Thankfully, at Christopher Newport, the process has been simplified so that it can be done with ease. In the beginning of this semester, I found myself a little overwhelmed with the course load I had picked. So, I switched them around, and was happy to find that it was a very easy process that caters to the student’s needs.

Christopher Newport puts the student first. These processes, which can often be very toilsome at larger colleges, are done smoothly at Christopher Newport. The goal of the staff and faculty at this university is to best help the student graduate on time and with a degree in the field they want. There is almost always an alternative class if you have to switch.

In addition, if the class you want is full, you have the option to ask for an override. Overrides are granted in the case of extenuating circumstances, which basically means that you need a good reason. Though, as I said, there are always alternatives to classes if you can’t get the override you want!

What is Greek Life?

Greek life is a cornerstone of the college experience for some students. And here at Christopher Newport, it’s no different in that regard. However, it is different in that here, there is a special emphasis on engaging with the community.

As a freshman, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rush. Though, as the semester went by I met plenty of amazing members that were involved in Greek life on campus. These people are not only committed to one another, but also the entire community of Christopher Newport. They want to see this campus reach its full potential.

The Greek chapters on campus are always hosting charity events and donating hundreds of hours of their time to community service. They are truly dedicated to the betterment of the campus as a whole. In addition, Christopher Newport is a school that prides itself on having a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. So, you can rest assured that no such shenanigans are taking place.

During rush week, fraternities invite potential new members to come out and meet the brothers. This semester, these activities included watching movies and football games, eating pizza, playing video games, and even things like laser tag and dodge ball. There was something for everyone. This gave us the opportunity to discover which fraternity is right for us, and to have a great time doing it.

The bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood are strong at Christopher Newport, and do not last four years, but a lifetime.

Christopher Newport Tours

Christopher Newport tours are different from any other college tour. The tour guides, or student ambassadors, are extremely excited to show you around, and they exude a great, energetic aura.

The tours are very extensive and detailed, but do not feel overwhelming or tiring. They strike a perfect balance. When I was touring different colleges, I found myself very tired during tours because of all the walking on long, hot days. Though, at Christopher Newport, because of the small campus, the tours feel much shorter. In addition, the student ambassadors are extremely charismatic and knowledgeable.

Don’t worry, you won’t be filled with anecdotes about Christopher Newport’s history. Rather, the student ambassadors will share with you important details regarding extracurricular activities, opportunities and the rich values and morals that Christopher Newport is built upon.

On my tour, I was amazed at the friendliness of everyone I met. They truly made me feel welcome, and I know they continue to give tours that uphold the same standard of excellence. This was the main deciding factor that led to me choosing Christopher Newport. So, come visit and try it for yourself!

4 CNU Classes That Offer Practical Skills

Christopher Newport is a liberal arts university, so you receive an education that encompasses many different subjects. Some classes are regarded as “gen eds” (we call it the Liberal Learning Core Curriculum) and as not being important. However, many of these classes provide practical skills you will use later in life, such as:

  1. Public Speaking. This is a communication course and an invaluable skill. Being able to address a room is something all employers look for. This class teaches you the basics of how to present yourself, and how to deliver a clear and engaging message.
  2. Introduction To Computing. Most everyone who is college age in America knows how to use the internet pretty well. However, the inner workings of computers can confuse and befuddle even the most well-versed internet users. This class offers a peek behind the curtain at the tech in computing, such as coding and other things. An introductory course like this, even for those not interested in a job in computer science, looks great on a resume, as you learn the fundamentals of the subject.
  3. Constitutional Law. This one might not sound too practical at first. Though, having a comprehensive, or even elementary understanding, of the law can be a huge help in a wide array of situations. Whether you’re simply pulled over on the highway, or stopped in an airport, it’s important to know your rights. This course can offer a lot of insight into what powers you do and don’t have.
  4. Leadership 210. This is the first class President Leadership Program students are required to take, and it’s a great foundation to the leadership minor. Though, this class is available to all students at Christopher Newport, and I highly recommend it to any student. The fundamentals of leadership are discussed in this class. As a Captain, you can expect to enter the workforce with a great education, and coupled with a wealth of knowledge regarding leadership, you will be a great asset to any organization.

How to Save Money on Textbooks

The cost of textbooks can be unreasonably high sometimes. I know most of us are thankful when our professors post the textbook readings online because it saves us some (a lot) of money. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers reading from an actual book and not a screen then you may have another option of doing so without purchasing the books.

Some professors put their required textbooks on reserve at the Trible Library. Usually, the professor will announce this to the class during syllabus week. If you choose to check out the book from the library all you have to do is go to the circulation desk, which is located on the first floor by the main entrance. The student employee will ask what the course number is and your professor’s last name. That is all the information you need in order to check out textbooks.

The check out time is for two hours, but if you need it for longer than that you can go back to the circulation desk and reserve it for two more hours. Many students use this alternative way for having access to their course textbooks because it is free.

Why You Don’t Need a Car at CNU

Everyone will tell you, and you’ll realize pretty fast too, that CNU is a small campus. Anything you’d ever need on campus is just a five-minute walk away. But what about the things you need that aren’t on campus?

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to go off campus. Firstly, CNU does have a ride-share program for volunteering. Students with cars carpool with others and drive to their service site. For volunteers whose sites are a far ways off, this is a great help. Though, I’m sure you’re wondering about the groceries and everyday supplies. Well, there are two grocery stores just a few minutes’ walk off campus. In addition, you’ll find a lovely strip of restaurants to choose from.

If you want to see a movie I’m afraid there is no theater in walking distance, but don’t fret. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) offers free movie nights for the Christopher Newport community. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll make plenty of friends who have cars. Being Christopher Newport students, you can be assured that your peers are always willing to help those in need if there’s every an emergency. Don’t be dismayed at not having a car. You’ll still have a great time!