Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Move In On Campus

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of college is the notion that you’ll soon be living with someone else in relatively small quarters. Luckily, Christopher Newport takes special measures to ensure you’ll have a great time living on campus.

The biggest one is learning communities. Typically, your random roommate will be in your learning community, as will many of the other people on your hall. So, more likely than not, you’ll have several people with your same major very close by. In addition, it is also typical for you and your roommate to share at least one class during your first semester.

Christopher Newport has three freshman residence halls. All are phenomenal buildings, with something unique about each. The York River halls are identical, and are also the newest. They typically house President’s Leadership Program (PLP) and Honors students, but a few students who are not in those programs also live there. Similarly, there are plenty of PLP/Honors students who are not in York. Santoro Hall is directly across from the Hiden-Hussey Commons dining hall. That’s a pretty handy placement if you’re in a rush. Lastly is Potomac River North. Potomac has a common room that connects the two suites in each of its rooms. It’s a great place to hang out and relax with your friends!

That’s not all! The residence halls get better every year. With community kitchens, personal kitchens, common rooms and more, there is plenty to look forward to in your next few years at Christopher Newport. Another great part of living at Christopher Newport is the Residence Hall Association (RHA). These people are a great resource for any problem or question you could ever have about Christopher Newport!

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