The Seasons at CNU (So Far!)

Christopher Newport is known all across Virginia for its beautiful campus. While this is mostly due to a very well-kept campus, there is a little more at play. Newport News is very fortunate because it gets to experience every single season. And each is a splendid sight in its own specific way.

During Leadership Adventure in June and Welcome Week in August, Newport News was experiencing the best of summer. Both of these orientation weeks have a lot of outdoor activities, which took full advantage of the wonderful weather. It was just hot enough to be pleasant, and not uncomfortable. The trees, grass and shrubbery were all a vibrant green. It was a great time to be outside and have lots of fun with friends. Which is exactly what myself and so many other Christopher Newport students did.

Next, came fall. And with it, a big change on campus. Physically, the leaves began to fall and change color. And when they do it looks phenomenal. Walking beneath the trees, you’d be hard-pressed to not find yourself stepping on the crunch of the autumn leaves. My favorite part of this season is the outfits. I was getting a little tired of wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts everyday. Now, the students at Christopher Newport can use their full wardrobe. Bundling up with layers offers plenty of good-looking combinations to stay looking sharp.

Pretty soon, we can begin expecting snow at Christopher Newport. Even though I can hardly wait for this, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cherishing every moment of fall. Each season is great in its own way, so it’s a good thing that Christopher Newport doesn’t miss a single one!

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