The Most Underrated Meal

Obviously, the most underrated meal is breakfast. It’s the easiest to skip, and it too often is. Though, when you do get around to having it, it’s one of the most rewarding and delicious experiences. Thankfully, CNU has great breakfast options.

On weekdays you can get a continental breakfast from 7 to 7:30 a.m. This consists of danishes, pastries, juices, fruit and plenty of cereals. Though, unless you’re in a rush, I’d highly recommend waiting around until past 7:30 because that’s when the real breakfast starts. Until 10:30 a.m., you can get pretty much any kind of breakfast food you’d ever want. Depending on the day, there’s bacon, sausage, ham, waffles, pancakes, eggs and make-your-own waffles. And on Wednesday, you should be sure to get a few chocolate muffins. Although, they go fast! Plus, all the things from the continental breakfast are still around for you to grab.

Last but definitely not least is the made-to-order omelette bar. It’s pretty great, but it wouldn’t be as awesome as it is without Mrs. Virginia. Quite possibly one of the best omelette chefs to ever grace a stove, you’ll never see anyone else work more efficiently to serve hundreds of hungry kids in just a few hours. See her enough times and you’ll be sure to quickly develop a rapport that’s full of playful banter.

It’s important to start the day off right, and with so much going on in all of our schedules’, why wouldn’t we do everything we can to ensure a good day? So, get some breakfast!

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