It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Finals

Coming back from Thanksgiving break can be seen as a chore for some or as a motivating and rejuvenating feeling. For me, I come back from break with a clear mind. I feel ready to take on the last few weeks. I have found the most success in working extra hard before break so that all that I need to focus on after is final projects, papers and exams. This allows for a focused and determined mind.

I know it is easy to take those few days at home and come back feeling like all you want to do is turn around and go home. But, my advice to you is bask in the success of finishing a semester strong. Visit, the Center for Academic Success, go talk to your professors, spend this time making sure you are doing your best to secure those good grades.

My all time favorite thing about coming back from break is coming back to the holiday feeling in the air. The students are decorating their room doors with wreaths and wrapping paper. Every academic building has a real, fully decorated and enormous tree standing center stage right when you walk in. I enjoyed decorating my room this year for the holiday and it gives me a great atmosphere to start studying for those approaching finals.

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