Happy Holidays on Campus

The holiday season away from family can be difficult sometimes, especially in the midst of finals and the semester wrapping up. However, Christopher Newport puts in so much effort to make sure that all students are still filled with holiday cheer on campus.

Once students leave for Thanksgiving break, faculty and staff get busy preparing campus for the holiday season. In every single academic building, there is a real, towering holiday tree. These trees are beautifully decorated with shining red, green and gold ribbons and are the most incredible dose of holiday cheer. Not only is there another enormous tree in the Trible Library, but the banisters are also wrapped in garland and ribbon as well.

To top it all off, there is the largest tree on campus, right in the middle of the Great Lawn. The school puts on an annual tree lighting, as a way to enjoy the holiday season, and bring the campus and community together. It is exactly what students need in the midst of a busy and stressful end to the semester. No matter how far from your loved ones you may be at school, CNU makes it feel like you are always home for the holidays.

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