Dressing to Impress

In the past few months, I think I’ve worn a suit more times than I did throughout my entire senior year. I suppose not too many occasions called for a suit during my senior year (I think just Prom and Homecoming?), so maybe that isn’t too surprising by itself. What is surprising, however, is that I’ve had to wear a suit (or at least a tie) over ten times in my first semester alone. Talking to other students at other colleges, very few of them shared this. Though, when I talked to students at Christopher Newport, most have also worn business or professional attire a similar amount of times.

This is because Christopher Newport is committed to building character of its young men and women. By the time we graduate, we will have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the professional field. Even as a freshman, I’ve gained plenty of experience in my first semester alone.

For example, at the career fair, we were asked to show up in business casual. This is because we were meeting their potential employers. Christopher Newport wanted to ensure we gave our best impression possible. Though, even if you didn’t attend the career fair, all freshmen were required to wear professional attire for convocation. This is where students recite the honor code and become full members of the university. It’s a rite of passage, and dressing up emphasized the importance of the event.

Personally, I’ve also gotten dressed up for student assembly on a bi-weekly basis. This is another example of a great extracurricular that helps turn students into leaders. Christopher Newport’s commitment to empowering its student body continues to amaze me. As I spend more and more time at this institution, it only becomes more evident.


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