Difficult Classes

We all have that one subject that we just can’t stand. For me, it’s always been math. Ever since I had my first long division worksheet in fourth grade, I knew it wasn’t for me. With that said, it’s unavoidable when you’re seeking higher education. I took math throughout elementary, middle and high school; college is no different.

As a result of Christopher Newport’s liberal learning curriculum, we have to dip our toes into just about every field. As such, we all have to take at least one class in that subject we can’t stand, whatever it may be. It isn’t all bad though, and it definitely shouldn’t be anything to be afraid of. CNU wants academic excellence from its students, but this doesn’t mean the university has unrealistic expectations. At the end of the day, their goal is to help you succeed. To earn success, you have to challenge yourself.

When you leave college after four years, whether you enter the workforce or continue your education at a higher level, the general expectation is that you are a well-rounded student. A liberal learning curriculum ensures this is the case. You are the given the opportunity to explore your passions through your majors/minors, but fulfilling the areas of interest and liberal learning requirements offer an entirely different benefit. This is that you are able to grow and learn from completely new fields.

Now, this all sounds great, but a difficult class is still difficult. So, what can you do? Consider going to CNU’s Center for Academic Success to get extra help, talk to your professor, and always be sure to study!

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