Why I Joined the SPCA Club

When I walked into the Freeman Center for Club Fair during welcome week it was near overwhelming. There were so many amazing clubs and activities to join. All of them beckoning me, and the rest of the student body, to join. I knew I could only handle a commitment to so many activities, so I had to narrow my choices down. Ultimately, I decided I’d join the SPCA Club, and I had several reasons for this.

Firstly, since I’m already in the President’s Leadership Program, I figured joining SPCA would be a great way to gain service hours. Though, this was hardly the deciding factor. I have always loved animals (I think everyone does). From endlessly re-watching cute dog videos, to becoming a vegetarian several years ago, I’ve always been very passionate about animals.

I was sold when I went to my first meeting. The leaders were incredibly enthusiastic. They had been a part of the club since their freshman year, and now, as seniors, they are leading it. Clearly these people loved the club, and they had good reason.

The SPCA Club works directly with our local SPCA right here in Newport News. 100 percent of our profits go to them, and they do wonders. They work diligently to prevent animal cruelty and give shelter to stray animals. We partner with them. This means we fundraise on campus, such as selling cookies and other treats, and volunteer our time at the shelter. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this amazing club. I highly encourage anyone interested to get in touch!

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