Why Everyone Loves President Trible

Christopher Newport University’s president is unlike any other. President Trible is a beacon of cheerfulness and enthusiasm on campus. He is a very charismatic person and uses this skill to inspire students to embrace all they are and can be.

Besides orientation speeches, the first time I met President Trible was outside of Luter Hall. He said “hi” and shook hands with all of the students around. He also asked us to call him “P-Tribs.” I enjoyed finding out he didn’t take himself so seriously that he wouldn’t allow himself to be relational with students. During an event for freshmen hosted at the Trible household with lots of lovely desserts, Paul Trible and his wife Rosemary were extremely pleasant. They genuinely seemed excited to meet all of the students, this is because they genuinely were.

President Trible has been with the university for over 20 years. He has directly impacted heaps of positive change, and never slows down. The campus continues to grow and grow, more buildings come with more opportunities. When Trible visited a Student Assembly meeting, he talked to us about these changes. The man is extremely passionate, and everyone in the room could tell. This is why everyone loves Trible. He is a resource to those on campus, often working behind the scenes, but feverishly passionate. Without President Trible, or “P-Tribs”, CNU would certainly not be what it is today.

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