The Beauty of a Small Campus

Here at Christopher Newport University, you will always see someone you know as you are heading to class, the library or just anywhere on campus. You see familiar faces all around! I am sure you have heard about CNU having small class sizes. Well, if you have not, now you know!

Small class sizes are beneficial to students when it comes to wanting to get to know the professor and go to him or her for help. The professors here at CNU genuinely care about the success of their students. They make themselves available to help us whenever we are not understanding the material 100 percent and they encourage going to office hours. If your schedule conflicts with the professor’s office hours then that is no problem. All professors are open to scheduling appointments with their students at a convenient time for the both of them.

Aside from office hours, the professors offer extra help in class. Even if you start off the class poorly, they offer several opportunities to bring your grade up. They work with each student to make sure we are successful. The relationship between students and professors on campus is unique and reminds us of why we chose to be a Captain.

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