PLP Speaker Event: Molly Ward

The students and faculty involved in the President’s Leadership Program had the pleasure of attending a speaking engagement with the former mayor of Hampton, Virginia, Molly Ward.

The Diamonstein Theater was completely filled with people eager to hear her speech. Ward discussed her background in politics, and the perseverance necessary for her to succeed in that field. She worked and continues to work very hard for everything she has and seeks to have. She displayed a very personable demeanor with great charisma; it was clear why she was chosen to speak. These engagements are a great opportunity to learn from exemplary leaders in all sorts of fields. It was a very inspirational event, and even garnered her a standing ovation by the end of it.

This is just one of the many reasons why the President’s Leadership Program is such an amazing opportunity. Christopher Newport works with you to ensure that your leadership skills are fully actualized. And you’re not just taught from a book but by actual leaders who have proven themselves time and time again.

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