Going to the Gym at CNU

If you didn’t go to the gym in high school, that’s OK! In college, you’ll find it’s much, much easier to start a gym routine and have a great time exercising. Many people’s reluctance to go to the gym has to do with distance and cost. Thankfully, at CNU, the gym is free for all students. Also, being such a small campus, the gym is only a minute’s walk away. You won’t have to worry about either distance or cost so long as you’re a Captain.

Though, many people believe that your first day at the gym is the “hardest.” In a way, it is. You have to motivate yourself to start exercising and take the leap. Also, it’s easy to feel like everyone is staring at you. However, at CNU, you’ll find no one is judging anyone in the gym. Rather, everyone is just working on bettering themselves. If you need a spot, or want to know how to use a machine, just ask a fellow student and they’ll be happy to help.

If you’re still feeling hesitant, consider taking a class. The Freeman Center offers free fitness classes for the students. These involve anything from Pilates to yoga or cycling to Zumba. There truly is something for everyone. So, give it a shot!

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