One of the sororities here at CNU, Gamma Phi Beta (GPhi), recently held its moonball fundraiser event. It was a great experience that attracted a lot of teams and raised tons of money. Most all of the sisters were in attendance and were all very excited to host. Similarly, all the teams participating and audience members had a great time at the event.

Most of you will be unfamiliar with the term “moonball,” but this is one of GPhi’s signature fundraisers. Essentially, it’s a volleyball tournament. It’s called moonball because one of Gamma Phi’s emblems is a crescent moon. The fundraiser went on without a hitch, thanks to the sisters. Every team had to pay a small fee to enter, which went toward GPhi’s philanthropy. GPhi’s philanthropy is to empower and strengthen young women across the nation. The funds raised will be donated to Girls on the Run. It was a tough tournament, but Sigma Phi Epsilon ended up placing first.

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