Everything You Need to Know About the President’s Leadership Program

The President’s Leadership Program (PLP) is one of the best scholarly programs at CNU. However, it is more than an academic organization. PLP invites its members to become active citizens in the CNU community and beyond; to engage with others. Personally, I am very honored and excited to be a part of this program and I hope to encourage others to understand its benefits and apply themselves.

Firstly, the program is meant to build tomorrow’s leaders. PLP requires its members to pursue a Leadership Studies minor. This is incredibly useful. Learning about and honing one’s leadership abilities is imperative to becoming a good leader in any field. Though, PLP also emphasizes being a leader in your community. This is through civic engagement.

As a freshman in the program, you will be required to volunteer 30 hours of your time towards community service. This sounds daunting, but don’t be worried. This will be some of the most rewarding time spent during your college years. The community of CNU and Newport News is incredibly supportive and easy to interact with. Once you settle on a service track, you’ll develop a very personal and rich relationship with those you are volunteering with and for.

PLP students also enjoy opportunities to see terrific guest speakers on campus, among other things. There is a lot to gain from being a part of the President’s Leadership Program, so be sure to apply!

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