Define Yourself CNU

College is often thought of as the time to “find yourself.” To me, that just means being comfortable in your own skin, comfortable enough to be truly authentic to who you are. Now, I understand this is easier said than done, especially for young women at the college age. But, there is a brand new club on campus dedicated to providing a community where self-love and acceptance can become a reality.

Define Yourself is a nonprofit organization whose mission statement is “to inspire, encourage and equip young women with the strong truth that beauty is a choice to love who you are.” A very close friend of mine, Amina Bukasa, started this organization with the goal of empowering women so they can love themselves first and understand that their beauty is inborn and undeniable. It is more than what can be seen from a glance in a mirror, it is their strength, courage, intelligence and even our imperfections.

This organization provides a platform for questions and debates, but more importantly answers and solutions to so many of the issues all young women face. Define Yourself gives the young women on our campus the opportunity to not have to fight these battles alone, but with an entire organization of Captains determined to help each other truly be the best they can be. And the best you can be, is exactly who you are.

To find out more about Define Yourself, and the multitude of other on-campus clubs and organizations Christopher Newport has to offer, visit The Compass.

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