Commons vs Regattas

As I am writing this post, it is currently buffalo chicken wrap Wednesday here on campus. Everyday, about twice a day I ask this question, “Regattas or Commons?” Both dining halls offer a diverse menu that is different from the other, making my decision harder. I usually go to Commons because I live in Santoro Hall and the two are conveniently connected. If I want a change of pace I go to Regattas. Neither one is better than the other. However, they both present their own staples.

Regattas is commonly known for their modern design, grilled cheese line and Mongolian grill. It is also known for being pretty busy due to their good food and placement in the heart of campus. Walking into Regattas you are met with students waiting to get their daily grilled cheese or burger. It is a line worth waiting in because the Regattas staff makes you a sandwich that reminds you of home. My favorite days in Regattas are the ones where they have General Tso chicken or tender Tuesday.

In Commons, you are met with a staff who knows your name. They make you omelets while asking about your day. The staff often remembers previous conversations you have had making students feel special. They also have a set meal schedule, making it fun by giving us something to look forward to. The greatest thing about Monday is chicken nuggets, Tuesday is tenders, Wednesday is buffalo chicken wrap day and Thursday is tacos. The benefit to having two dining halls is having options. It all just depends on what you are feeling that day.

My stomach is now growling, I’m gonna go get me a buffalo chicken wrap!

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