CNU Under Construction

At the moment, standing in the middle of campus one can see the expansion of the dining hall, Regattas, on one side of campus and the expansion of the library on the other. My first year here Christopher Newport Hall was just completed, and in the works are a few more buildings and expansions. To some this may sound inconvenient. People always ask me, “How do you feel about the constant construction?” and “Doesn’t it take away from the beauty of campus?”

My answer is no. When I see the construction I see growth. I see a campus in the process of reaching its highest potential. I do not see an inconvenience, I see it as an honor. I feel excited and honored everyday to be a part of the history of CNU where we are building. I feel attending this university at this time is a way for me to leave an impact on the expansion of this school. We are in a time where the changes we make as students and faculty impacts the future the most.

For this reason, I see the construction and smile. I see changes that I will be excited to come and see years from now as an alumna. The buildings being built do not take away from the beauty of campus, but rather adds an excitement. Excitement for the beauty and resources they are going to add.

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