Choosing a Major

Being a liberal arts college, we get to try our hands at many different classes and subjects. Particularly, CNU’s liberal learning core and areas of interest allow students to experiment and try new things. They have the opportunity to delve into the field of their choice, but also learn outside of their comfort zone.

The great thing about CNU is that the university caters to its students’ needs. The university understands freshmen often do not have everything figured out when they arrive in August. In fact, even some sophomores do not have everything figured out when they arrive in August. This is why we don’t have to declare a major until sophomore year. This gives us plenty of time to consider our choices. This is incredibly helpful. As students experiment with different sorts of classes and curriculums they are exposed to a whole host of disciplines. Many of which may peak the student’s interest more than the student has previously expected.

CNU understands how important finding a great major is. College is expensive, and the university wants it to be worth every penny. And so, CNU wants all of its students to love their majors. This is why the university pays special attention to ensuring every student knows exactly what they’re signing up for, and that they’ll have a great time doing it.

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