Changing a Major

Let’s take it back to freshman year. I came in knowing I wanted to be a communication major. I was so sure of myself and even ignored the statistics about how many college students change their major. “That is never going to be me,” I would say.

Fast forward to sophomore year Signing Day. I walked confidently to the communication booth and wrote my name with my new fancy pen. It was very anti-climactic for me because I felt declared when I entered college.

Now, here I am, a junior in college and I have just changed my major. Somewhere along the way I felt like I was missing something. I became a communication major because I appreciated the versatility of the field. I knew it couldĀ takeĀ me where I needed to go, but I grew to realize about myself that it wasn’t what I wanted to be learning. I was so upset with myself for thinking this way, like it was a failure that I am changing my mind. I struggled for a few days on whether it would be worth it to leave a department where I love the professors and classmates to start completely over. I ran 1,000 degree evaluations to see what my schedule would look like for my last few semesters. I came to realize I would have to take two summer classes to graduate on time.

I had many conversations with different people such as friends who are English majors, my career counselor in the Center for Career Planning and my adviser. The number one thing I learned from each conversation is that my heart was telling me where I wanted to be and I had a wave of support behind me from the faculty, staff and friends. So I did it, I turned in the paperwork to the registrar and I changed my major. Now, I will be joining Burke and Tolkien in the English Department as a second semester junior and I could not be more excited to see what CNU has in store for me next.

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