Astronomy, or Why I’m Up Late Studying

Ever since I reached middle school and was able to pick some of my own classes my mom warned me of an experience she had in college. She took astronomy as an easy A and it was the hardest class she ever took. My mom is incredibly smart, especially in the math department. I am incredibly lacking, especially in the math department. So, if my mom is still shivering at the thought of an astronomy course 20 years after the fact, I should definitely stay away. Though, as fate would have it, I was randomly placed in astronomy for first semester.

Immediately, I tried to drop the class. However, my adviser urged me to attend at least one class and feel it out. And so I did. During that one class, I learned that my professor would not be using any math on the tests. In fact, he said there would be hardly any math at all. I was ecstatic. So, I stayed with the course. Little did I know, it would still prove to be very challenging, as it was entirely new concepts.

However, I can’t help but be grateful for taking this course. While it was certainly my hardest class, it was also perhaps the most effective course in preparing me for future college classes. I had to work harder and challenge myself. I experimented with flash cards and Quizlet, techniques I had never really used before. As a result of this, I’ve been able to succeed in astronomy, a subject I would have never considered taking voluntarily.

College is all about trying new things, and challenging yourself in the process. I’m extremely glad I took this course, despite its rigor. Putting in loads of effort towards a goal makes reaching the goal all the more exciting.

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