A Movie in Newport News

My friends and I have been looking forward to “Thor: Ragnarok” since it was announced in 2014. As such, we were first in line to reserve tickets for the early Thursday showing. Thankfully, we didn’t have to look any farther than Newport News City Center for a quality time.

If you are anything like I was for the past 18 years, I had never truly experienced a quality movie theater. Of course, at the time, I was not aware my theater-going experience had any capacity to be better than it was. That was until I visited the theater in City Center for the first time in late August. I’ll begin with this: the seatsĀ recline. That’s insane. That is absolutely awesome. Is this a norm I’m not familiar with? In any case, you can expect to watch your movie in leisure with their incredibly cozy lounge chairs.

Perhaps more importantly than seating is the company. CNU handles that just fine. With such a small campus, it’s easy to quickly get to know plenty of people and befriend them. Assembling a group to see “Thor” was a task completed within minutes. It led to a very pleasant night in pleasant seats with pleasant friends. What more could you ask for? Also, did I mention CNU students get a student discount? That’s pretty sweet too.

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