A Checklist for Registration Success

I love class registration! Well, let me reword that. I love putting together a schedule, or two or three. I love looking at the class options and getting excited about interesting topics being taught. I do not like the morning of registration, but I have found success in the following checklist:

  1. Run a degree evaluation! This is so important because it tells you the classes you need to graduate on time. It is done through CNU live and it will become second nature to you by the middle of your CNU career.
  2. Check the list of classes offered! I love to see what is being offered and who is teaching what before I pick the ones I want in my schedule.
  3. Put together multiple schedules, like I said above. This is my favorite part. I look at it like a puzzle. Trying to fit the classes I need and want into a schedule. It is important to be prepared with different options in the case the class you want is full by registration morning.
  4. Meet with your adviser! They are an important resource to you. They can tell you if you are on the right track and answers those burning questions you have about registration. The most important part about this step is getting your verification code. You can’t register without it.
  5. Check to see if your verification code is correct! This is also done through CNU live and is important for the reasons above. You cannot register without it.
  6. Know your registration time and be awake at least 20 minutes before. This is important in order to do a final check on what is still available.
  7. Don’t panic! The biggest thing I have learned through my time is that no matter what happens the morning of registration you will always end up in the classes you need to graduate.

The biggest thing to know is be prepared, be calm and have an open mind about the classes being offered!

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