Written Agenda vs. Google Calendar

“Google calendar is my life,” “I couldn’t live without my agenda.” Based off of these common quotes I hear around campus it seems there is a controversy between the efficiency of Google calendar and a traditional notebook agenda – yes, they still exist. Time management skills at Christopher Newport are a must, and that is taught to students from day one. We often have a number of obligations that need a structure if we are going to be successful. I have always used an agenda in my time as a student. I couldn’t live without my agenda. Everything must go in it, down to what I need from the grocery store.

However, second semester sophomore year I discovered the power of Google calendar. You can schedule recurring events, you can color code, you can set reminders and others can invite you to meetings and events that magically show up on your calendar. I went from a list of things needed to be done each day to a schedule that told me what time each day I was going to be working on tasks. This structure was so specific, so detailed it kept me on task and up to date. However, seeing a schedule filled from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed was, visually, stressful.

So, pros to Google calendar are that it is interactive, easy to use and quick, but it can be extremely detailed. First semester of junior year I decided to use a little of both. I have scheduled all my classes, work shifts and dinner dates into my Google calendar. I have color-coded my agenda with homework assignments, papers and tests. This way I get the best of both worlds from each form of scheduling and I stay on task without getting too stressed.

The moral of my story is that time management is essential. Try different strategies or stay with the one you like, but find what works for you so you can succeed.

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