What CCP did for me

Here it is. Junior year of college. Let’s just say I have reached my mid-college crisis. Where am I gonna go after graduation? I know the majority of college students can relate when I say that I change my mind on my future everyday.

I have been leaning on my friends with my internal struggle, and one happened to mention that the Center for Career Planning had been helping them figure out their next steps. So, I went up to the third floor of Christopher Newport Hall and made an appointment – yes, it is that easy. One of our amazing career counselors sat down with me for an hour showing me the power of LinkedIn and giving me undivided attention about my concerns and interests. The conversation ended with me feeling heard and more confident.

I have been wondering if my dream lies with publishing or higher education. Again, I change my mind everyday. My career counselor suggested I meet with individuals in different offices and conduct interviews to see the paths those individuals took and to see a glimpse of what a career in that field would look like.

I left with action items and a plan which is a lot more than what I entered with. Even after I left my career counselor emailed me an article that she came across and thought I would enjoy just based off our one conversation. How lucky am I to go to a school where the faculty is so committed to helping me succeed.

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