Inside Student Assembly

Many students on campus are not familiar with the inner workings of Student Assembly, or any workings of Student Assembly for that matter. Firstly, Student Assembly is CNU’s student government. It is run by students, for students. The organization’s goal is to be the student’s voice on campus. We are all students on campus, and we all have ideas on how to improve the university. Student Assembly works directly with faculty and staff to see these ideas realized.

For example, several students had reported slow WiFi in the beginning of the semester. As a reaction to this, Student Assembly reported this issue and the university was able to double the WiFi’s bandwidth. Our organization is also working on raising mental-health awareness, implementing more creatively geared classes and there’s even talk of a brand new juice bar. All of these initiatives were suggested by students.

Being new to the Assembly, I have been welcomed with open arms and am thoroughly enjoying learning the ropes. I’ve been amazed at all the work we have been able to accomplish as a delegation. The members of this organization are extremely passionate, and work feverishly to help their constituents. We are a resource, so please be sure to get in touch!

Click the link below or visit the third floor of the DSU to suggest an improvement for the CNU community!


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