Family Weekend

My family group chat is busy, the tailgate passes are bought, my room is cleaned and my father has sent this year’s itinerary. I am ready for Family Weekend. I look forward to this one weekend every year. In my family, Family Weekend is a big ordeal. We start planning months in advance to make sure every member has a hotel room because all around town the hotels become booked with student’s moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings.

The night before the campus is quiet, but I buzz with excitement knowing that tomorrow it is going to be busy with family and happiness. I find campus to be even more beautiful when it is full of people enjoying it. Planning for Family Weekend is easy when so much is offered. Our Campus Activities Board usually puts on a movie in the theater. Our chorus usually puts on a concert as well. The biggest event of the weekend, however, is the football game. My family looks forward to the game the most. We dress head to toe in Captains gear and go cheer on the team. It makes me love this school more when I see how proud my family is to come see where I spend my time and integrate themselves into our special community with their endearing school spirit.

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