5 Reasons why Fall Fest is a Must

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) has an annual event called Fall Fest. It’s widely anticipated and attended on campus. I myself look forward to Fall Fest rolling around every year. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. Say goodbye to summer; say hello to fall.

    It is a chance to celebrate the start of fall. The start of hoodies, football games and bonfires. The start of the cold weather, blankets and pumpkins. This semester, Fall Fest just happened to occur on the first day of fall anyway. What better way to say hello to fall than surrounded by your fellow Captains and free food?

  2. Yes, there is free food.

    You get free food! You get free food! You get free food! I know as a college student the word ‘free’ has become my favorite word. No dining hall swipes or cash needed.¬†Things like cotton candy, pretzels and more.¬†But wait! CAB is also handing out swag for your enjoyment. As soon as you enter you are showered with pens, sticky notes, pins, cups and more. I have an ongoing collection of Fall Fest button pins on my desk.

  3. It smells like apple cider.

    Another reason it is a perfect setting to welcome fall is the apple cider. It’s a fall icon. What’s a celebration of fall without it?

  4. Bouncy house galore, face painting and more!

    CAB takes you back to your childhood with all the bouncy houses you could ask for. They even have bouncy house obstacles. Compete with your friends with a blast to the past. Take off those shoes and hop in! If bouncy houses weren’t your childhood go to maybe face painting was. At Fall Fest you can enjoy that childhood moment again. Just take a seat and tell them what you want! I rocked a rainbow butterfly for the rest of the night.

  5. It’s a CNU tradition.

    Most importantly, the best way to immerse yourself in the Christopher Newport community is through our traditions. Traditions are something that this campus holds close to their hearts. Fall Fest is just one of those.

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