The Little Things of CNU

With admitted freshmen days underway, the semester is ending far faster than I could ever imagine. Incoming freshmen receive a multitude of opportunities prior to move-in day to experience Christopher Newport University as their own school. I even had the opportunity to show a friend who was visiting for Admitted Freshmen Day around and got to brag about Christopher Newport (which truly ended with me talking for two hours about being a student here, which is very easy to do). That being said, I wanted to share a list for incoming freshmen of some of the little things that make Christopher Newport special.

When the weather is favorable:

  • The lawn outside of the York has the best trees for enoing and slack lining.
  • The tables in the plaza are the ideal nice weather seating and are the perfect place to see tons of people on campus in one afternoon.
  • Like many days in college, seeing a puppy can be the best part. Fear not, the Great Lawn on a sunny day often provides an ample number of friendly, loving dogs. The best part is most owners will let you pet/hold their dog—a very good day!

Where to go if the Trible Library is too crowded:

  • Right next to the library is the Pope Chapel, this is a great place for good work to get done because there is a somber tone of quiet consistently.
  • In each of the freshman residence halls, there are study spaces on each hallway that are typically reserved for students looking for a quiet space to work.
  • The David Student Union is a great place to get work done if you are able to work in an environment with background noise—the second level has comfortable couches and tables for student and staff use.
  • Check the blue couch room in Einstein’s, it’s comfortable and a big enough space for friends to join!

When you are over the dining hall:

  • Christopher Newport offers a Discovery Chick-fil-A Express on campus—need I say more?
  • During the lunch hours, Christopher Newport also offers Discovery Bistro, which has gourmet-esque sandwiches; Discovery Grille, which offers burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs etc.; and a Discovery Pizzeria with different kinds of pizza and delicious desserts.
  • Einsteins not only offers Starbucks coffee but also offers bagel sandwiches, sushi, flatbreads and as always, milkshakes!

These are but a few of the little things that I learned in my first semester as a freshman and hope you find them as helpful as I did!

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