Spring Break: Reflections

This year, spring break was much more abrupt than last year’s (this is, naturally, an understatement). Maybe it was the fact that it was only a week long and, compared to previous vacations, seemed shorter. It seemed like it had barely begun by the time I left to go back to school, and I’ve already been mildly missing my family, friends, and dog (at least, until these next five weeks conclude and summer vacation starts). With the end of the semester a mere five weeks away and a week full of blissful memories with family, socializing with friends, and taking some genuine time to rest and relax to remember until I return home in April, I figured reflecting back on it would be appropriate,

I’d definitely say spending time with my family was important when I got back. I was able to go out more and spend more time with them. Not having work to do over break meant that I was more present for family dinners, which I hadn’t fully realized I’d missed when I was away (I spent most of my winter break working late shifts at my local mall). I was also able to help out more by doing extra cleaning (which my mom oftentimes didn’t have the time to do, and my siblings didn’t care to) and driving my sisters and brother to and from various social and athletic events, which made my parents’ schedule much less hectic.

Socializing with my friends back home was also important. Simple moments like spending an afternoon at the mall or going out for a quick lunch (which inevitably turn into two-hour-long affairs from catching up) with people I hadn’t seen in-person for a couple months made it all the more memorable and meaningful. I got to go to a dance party at a downtown DC club (where the only music played for three hours was 90’s hip-hop, pop and R&B), get pizza and Asian food at my favorite local restaurants, and give my input on one of my best friends’ senior prom dress options. Those are the types of things that (as great as Newport News is) just wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t at home and were instrumental in having a great break. That, and being able to sleep in on weekdays past the times I normally would’ve had to be up for classes.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of, based on my vacation, what I consider to be necessary do’s and dont’s for CNU students when their next spring break comes around (mostly if you’re staying in your local area, cruises and beachfront vacations aside):


  • Spend time with family
  • Reconnect with friends from home
  • Re-visit local highlights and
  • Help out around the house (if it’s needed)
  • Work, if you’ve secured a job for the week (all college students need money!)


  • Overpack!! You’re only home for a week; pack accordingly
  • Be on your phone all the time. If you’re home with family, be present and with family
  • Not make efforts to connect with friends (they might not know you’re home if you don’t tell them first!)
  • Overdo certain habits. Eat healthy, go to the gym, but maybe not as much if you have time to spend with family
  • Over-book your schedule. This is meant to be a break. Have some down time to spend with those closest to you and with yourself, but don’t do it so much that every day is a scheduling struggle
  • Overload on the homework. It’s okay to do some at home, but it will still exist when you get back to school

For most of us, this is our last chance to be home until spring finals are over and we begin summer break! Don’t waste it and make good memories to get you through the next 7 weeks!

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