5 Tips for Roommate Success

A few tips to ensure roommate success once you get on campus:

  1. Talk early on. It doesn’t have to be the first day, but if you have any particular customs or pet peeves, let your roommate know early. That way, he or she will not upset you unintentionally. Which leads right into the next tip…
  2. Communication! Communication is key! The worst thing you can do is let a problem fester. Talk it out as soon as you can so you and your roommate can reach a mutual understanding. Being passive-aggressive or overly assertive are two ways to definitely create a rift in your room.
  3. Keeping tidy. No one likes a mess. It’s one thing to let some clutter build up, but when it starts overflowing to the other side of the room, you’ve got a problem. It’s no longer only your room. You’ve got to respect your roommate’s space. Clean your side up regularly to keep the room looking presentable for you, your roommate and any visitors.
  4. Respect property! Just like you probably wouldn’t want your roommate going through your stuff, you shouldn’t go through theirs. If you want to borrow something, ask! When in doubt, always ask if you’re overstepping a boundary!
  5. The lights! This is something most people don’t think about before they actually get to college, but it’s kind of a big one. Some people like working with the lights on, and others like the lights being off. If you and your roommate disagree, that’s OK! If you want to turn the lights on/off, simply ask first. Your roommate will likely will say yes whether they agree or not. The difference is, they appreciate that you asked them first. It’s a nicety that shows you respect one another. And remember, you can always leave your room to study/work elsewhere!

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