The Buildings of CNU: Christopher Newport Hall

Christopher Newport Hall is the shining jewel of campus, standing at the head of the Great Lawn. It houses some very vital resources on campus, along with our very own President Trible’s office.

The first floor contains resources such as the registrar’s office, office of financial aid, and the center for academic success. The office on this floor you’ll probably find yourself most in is the center for academic success! It is a resource open to all students throughout the year. In this office you can get signed up for free tutoring – both group and personal – in any subject you find you are having a difficult time with. They also offer great programs each semester for learning tools to help you succeed in not only the classroom but any other part of your college career.

On the second floor you will find the Office of Admission and Admission Welcome Center, a place you’ll get to know during both your orientation and welcome week.

On the third floor there are many useful campus resources such as the center for career planning and housing. The center for career planning is an essential resource that you’ll be sure to visit throughout your time at Christopher Newport University. The offer helps in many matters – from deciding your major to landing you an internship! The center for career planning sets up a huge career fair twice a semester where students can meet major companies, get their name out and make connections. I personally had the pleasure of allowing the center for career planning to challenge me to take their focus test in order to further cement in my mind what I wanted to major in. I also signed up for a resume review, and met with someone for an hour who helped me make my resume look as professional and sharp as possible.

When visiting our beautiful campus, make sure you swing by CNU Hall! Don’t let great resources go to waste – look into what your campus has to offer you.

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