Getting to Know Our Captains: Student-Athlete Edition

With the long-awaited Homecoming game coming up, I wanted to take the time to get to know one of our beloved student-athletes here at Christopher Newport, KJ Holloway. KJ is a member of the Christopher Newport’s nationally ranked football team and has some words of wisdom to give us.

Name: KJ Holloway
Major: Biology
Year: Sophomore

KJ Holloway - Football
Questions and Answers:

Liana: Where did you go to school before?
KJ: Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Liana: What position do you play?
KJ: Defensive Back.

Liana: Is it hard to balance athletics and academics?
KJ: Yeah, it definitely can be. Waking up early in the morning for lifting and practice is inevitably hard, but knowing that I have a whole day’s worth of classes, assignments and projects and a second afternoon practice can definitely be difficult – in the end, time management is key!

Liana: What’s the best part about being on a team here at Christopher Newport?
KJ: Camaraderie, brotherhood and knowing people are always there for you going into a game. One example, during pre-season in McMurran we were getting hyped up and our coach came in dressed as Harambe to get us excited.

Another one would be, last week when we played Montclair State. Our team went into double overtime, we all knew what we were capable of. Therefore, we came together as one entity, not just a bunch of players.

Stuff like that are moments you can’t get anywhere else.

Liana: Do you do anything to decompress or de-stress?
KJ: Football! When you get a chance to go out there and play the game that you love, it makes everything else worthwhile.

Interesting Facts

What is your favorite song right now?:
“Bank Roll” by Shy Glizzy.

If you could switch places with anybody, who would it be and why?:
My cousin Deion Branch, because he played for my favorite team, the New England Patriots. He won multiple Superbowls, and earned the MVP award for one of them.

Favorite Meal:
Fried Chicken, Ziti Pasta with a glass of purple Gatorade.

Celebrity crush:
Keri Hilson

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