Laptop Meet Rain; Rain, Meet Laptop

We’ve all had an “oops” moment where we stand in the midst of a moment and watch things gracefully collapse, like the waters of a cascade crashing onto rocks, or like a downpour crashing onto a beautiful silvery surface of a laptop. Ahhhhh, the allure.

I promise this story has a happy ending – just keep reading!

So, last week some of us may have experienced the sudden downpour Newport News gifted us. Crazy stuff, huh?
I figured I’d share this story because it makes me so thankful I can go to a school with such a tight-knit community:

My roommate and I were taking a quick trip to get frozen yogurt, because, “Why not?” I left my building with my backpack and when we were about halfway there, it literally starts POURING like no other. I look at her and I’m like, “OK, do we keep walking?” she says, “yeah.” So we keep walking and she turns to me and says, “Liana, your laptop isn’t in your backpack right?” (In that moment I knew I messed up) I timidly reply to her and say “It is…” Welp.

We eat our yogurt, and I get back to the room, open my laptop, and lo and behold, my laptop’s screen is black and is making a cracking noise. Lovely. So, I’m over here panicking, calling IT support, my mother, Geek Squad, my mother, computer repair companies, my mother. And then I lose hope for this machine after all the negative responses. As my last resort I bought 10 pounds of rice just to soak up any excess liquid if there was any.

As I’m sitting in my room the next day, a lightbulb went off in my head. I seriously felt like I was a character in a cartoon having a revelation. At Christopher Newport we have these rooms called “Theme Units” where essentially 13-14 people who usually have the same major or interest live together. I knew a few people on the third floor theme unit who were … COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJORS! (Woot! Woot!). I seriously sprinted over there and with practically no expectations I asked a couple of them if they could check out my computer. They took out a toolkit which contained at least 20 mini screwdrivers, unscrewed the back of my laptop, poured out the rice that got stuck inside my laptop and voilà! My laptop was resurrected!

Well there it goes guys. If you learned anything from this it should be:

1. Make friends with people outside your major (You will learn something I promise).
2. Theme Units are incredible.

(And make sure to get a waterproof backpack!)

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