The Importance of Me Time

Do you ever forget to stop and smell the roses?

I know that I personally jam pack my schedule. Meetings, group projects, extracurriculars, lunch dates, you name it and it’s probably on my to-do list. Always on the go. Skipping meals, going to bed late. My fall semester was just a recurring cycle of this on-the-go lifestyle.

New Year’s rolled around and I began to think about my resolutions. I’ve never really been one to make annual goals; I try to set weekly goals and go from there.

A few weeks into the spring semester I felt really overwhelmed. So I decided to do something I haven’t yet done in my time at Christopher Newport – buy a fitness pass at the Freeman Center. I was going to set aside an hour each week for “me time.” I would try cycling, yoga, kickboxing. I was going to take time for myself and my health: two things I think we take for granted in our youth.

I tried out cycling and realized that wasn’t the class for me – not a big fan of the hard seats – I’m much more of a leisurely bike rider! But yoga…. yoga I love. It’s an hour each week I get to destress and reset. Not only am I increasing my flexibility and health, I am unwinding from all the stress going on in my life.

It wasn’t until I made the time to go to yoga and give myself a chance to step back from everything I needed to do, that I realized I was neglecting myself. Since going to yoga, I feel much more calm and less stressed, but also more self-aware.

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in everyday life, studying all nighters, building your resume, hanging out with friends. However, don’t forget about yourself. Whether you enjoy yoga, painting, video games, running or cooking…take time for yourself during the week. And if you find yourself needing more than just some personal time, the University has a great counseling center with plenty of people willing to listen or provide you with materials to assist in your well-being.

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