The More Credits, the Merrier

One of the best decisions I could’ve made in high school was taking Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment classes. AP classes are college-level courses offered in high school that allow you the opportunity to earn college credit after passing a final exam. Dual Enrollment classes are courses offered by local community colleges where you enroll but take the class at your high school and earn college credit.

I took AP Government and Dual Enrollment College Composition my senior year in high school. Both of these classes were very beneficial to me in many ways: I learned how to take notes from lectures with no PowerPoint to guide me, I learned how to properly study in a way that actually helped me, I learned how to keep up with the fast pace of my teachers, and I learned how to write at a higher level. Plus, in the end, I earned all of my credits that I transferred with me to Christopher Newport.

AP and Dual Enrollment classes are similar but different. In both cases, you are taking college-level courses as a high school student. However, AP classes are free and offered through your high school, while Dual Enrollment classes cost based on the community college you are using. In order to earn college credit from an AP class, you must pass an exam with a certain score determined by your desired university. To receive college credit from a Dual Enrollment class, you must pay the tuition cost in the beginning of the semester and simply pass the course with a C- or higher.

When I came to Christopher Newport as a freshman, I transferred over nine college credits with me: six from my Dual Enrollment class and three from my AP class. The benefits of coming into college with credits are amazing. I was able to register for classes earlier than other freshmen so I did not have to worry as much about classes I wanted to take being closed when it was time for me to register. I was also able to participate in the housing lottery earlier! Depending on how many credits I take each semester, I will be able to graduate early if I want to. But most importantly, taking these classes in high school saved me and my family so much money and time. Since I took those writing classes in high school and got the credits already, I only have to take two more writing classes instead of taking four in college when things start to get harder. If I am able to graduate a semester or two earlier, I save about $25,000.

If there is one thing that I would recommend to any high school student, I would definitely say take AP or Dual Enrollment classes. The more college credits you come in with, the merrier you will be.

Column or Girl?

It’s a column, it’s a clock tower, no … it’s just me.

I’m 5’11” and have always been tall. Coming to Christopher Newport University didn’t change that much. Instead, it highlighted my giant-like height in a few ways:

1.) Back Library Bathrooms

I swear people in the past must have been much shorter than we are today. If you ever find yourself chugging venti coffees in the lib at late hours and in need of some relief, take a brisk walk to the back bathrooms and you’ll find yourself a few feet taller than the stalls, can you say #Awkward? I can! Nothing is more uncomfortable than making eye contact with the girl next to you while you’re in the restroom. The tall struggles are so real here.

2.) Classroom Seating

Have you ever gone to the movies and some giant sits in front of you? That’s exactly why I can not sit in the front of a classroom. I block the view for all of my classmates. Lucky for me I prefer the back of the classroom anyway!

3.) Lofted Beds

One of the coolest things you discover during move in is the fact that the height of your twin bed can be adjusted! My roommate and I decided we would set it to the highest peg possible (maximum under bed storage was a must for all of our shoes). Each night I would be able to hurtle up to my bed, while my roommate would have to make a running start to get onto hers. I found early on it pays to have mile-long legs!


Hunger in the TribLib

All that studying in the Trible Library got your tummy grumbling? Never fear – Einstein’s is here! It’s like a one-stop shop for your snack needs while you work on cranking out that paper you forgot about. Here are some of the stages of library hunger, paired with a suitable selection from Einstein’s:

  1. Nibbly: All right, so you actually just ate lunch, but you still have room for a little something – try a chocolate croissant or a fruit cup. They’re both the perfect size for a small snack and aren’t messy either (a definite plus when you’re doing homework).
  2. Peckish: You’re in between meals – not starving by any means, but certainly in need of a decent snack. Go for one of the many types of bagels served at Einstein’s or treat yourself to one of their fabulous milkshakes. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!
  3. Hungry: OK, so it’s looking like you may have to snag your next meal while in the library. Why not try a sandwich? Whether you customize a bagel sandwich or select the chicken salad croissant, there is hope in your hungry future. Plus, these entrees come with chips or fruit! What could be better?
  4. Ravenous: At this point, you’ve definitely hit a hunger wall. If you’re still looking to pick up something from Einstein’s, try one of their flatbread pizzas with a giant muffin on the side. And, order yourself some coffee or tea while you’re at it – you probably need it!