Meet Dan

Dan has been with me since the first day of class. Dan is the longest relationship I have ever had. Dan and I do everything together. He carries my books for me, makes sure I have my ID ready when I’m in line at Einsteins, and is always there supporting me during those late nights in the library. I really feel lost without him. He has a pocket for everything! If Dan is with me, I know that everything is going to be OK!

Dan has even let me use him as a pillow on the Great Lawn; what a gentleman! All I’m saying is that every girl, nay every person, needs a friend like Dan. Dan is an essential for your college lifestyle. Dan is getting up there in age and beginning to show some tears, rips and wear, which I don’t blame him for because we have been through quite a lot together! Dan has been to three different countries, had mac and cheese spill in him, carried six¬†textbooks at a time and has basically never left my side. He’s my day one homie.

So all you college seekers out there: when your mom takes you to the store and wants to get you the nice backpack say “Yes!” because it¬†will be the best thing that has ever happened to you! The nice backpack can carry incredible weights without wrenching out your back and will always stay together during tough times. So go out and find yourself a backpack like Dan, cause boy, he’s a keeper!

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