Column or Girl?

It’s a column, it’s a clock tower, no … it’s just me.

I’m 5’11” and have always been tall. Coming to Christopher Newport University didn’t change that much. Instead, it highlighted my giant-like height in a few ways:

1.) Back Library Bathrooms

I swear people in the past must have been much shorter than we are today. If you ever find yourself chugging venti coffees in the lib at late hours and in need of some relief, take a brisk walk to the back bathrooms and you’ll find yourself a few feet taller than the stalls, can you say #Awkward? I can! Nothing is more uncomfortable than making eye contact with the girl next to you while you’re in the restroom. The tall struggles are so real here.

2.) Classroom Seating

Have you ever gone to the movies and some giant sits in front of you? That’s exactly why I can not sit in the front of a classroom. I block the view for all of my classmates. Lucky for me I prefer the back of the classroom anyway!

3.) Lofted Beds

One of the coolest things you discover during move in is the fact that the height of your twin bed can be adjusted! My roommate and I decided we would set it to the highest peg possible (maximum under bed storage was a must for all of our shoes). Each night I would be able to hurtle up to my bed, while my roommate would have to make a running start to get onto hers. I found early on it pays to have mile-long legs!


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