What College Offered Me Outside Of Class (Literally)

This week has been full of beautiful sunny days with Frisbee and picnics galore. What did I decide to do all this week when I wasn’t in class? I decided to sit on the Great Lawn with friends and enjoy the “summer” heat. I probably watched six cycles of classes go by as students walked in and out of the academic buildings. Hours and hours of sitting and doing nothing may seem like a boring activity, but it wasn’t at all. The best parts of this week where I learned most were sitting on the grass and watching the clouds roll by. Christopher Newport’s beautiful campus isn’t there just to look pleasing for tour groups, it’s there for the students to enjoy. It reminds us how wonderful it is to be alive, to feel the sun on your skin as you toss a ball back and forth with classmates, to be able to connect with like-minded individuals you otherwise never would have met. Our student body makes up a group of passionate, intelligent, talented young people, and this week many of us took the time to simply exist with each other on the grass. College offered me this opportunity, and I am so thankful for it. For those of you who haven’t taken the time yet: sit down and enjoy the beautiful weather, I highly recommend it.


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