Sun-Tastic Campus Spots

Spring has made an early appearance, and we Captains are definitely enjoying it. If you were to take a tour of the campus on a warm day, you could easily notice some of our favorite spots to hang out and soak up the sun.

The first (and the most obvious) is the Great Lawn. The Great Lawn is in the heart of the campus and is exactly what its name implies, a great, big, green lawn. We use it to enjoy the weather in many ways: some brought their pets to campus and let them run free and play, while some gathered blankets, snacks and books and took to the Great Lawn for peace and relaxation. Others grabbed footballs and frisbees and enjoyed tossing them around with their friends. They even welcomed other students and pets to join their games.

The next best spot is Christopher Newport Hall, our newest building, which houses services vital to student success – from admission through graduation. On its beautiful steps, you can see friends gathered talking and laughing, people reading books and eating lunch, and you can even hear the campus celeb Violin Guy playing angelic sounds that could be heard all throughout the area.

Another well populated area that Captains take to to enjoy the weather is the Whisper Wall. There you see students playing all types of instruments, like guitars and ukuleles. Students also gather there to sing together and enjoy the mysterious workings of the Whisper Wall. If you walk by, you might think you’re listening to an organized band.

Students like me weren’t the only ones who wanted to get out and enjoy the weather. Some professors chose to hold class outside behind Luter Hall where there are chalkboards on the back of the building. This made for some really fun classes because you can enjoy the sun while also learning.

All in all, you could tell that we all loved the three days of warm weather that we had. I can’t wait until it becomes consistent so that we can enjoy it more!


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