Lucky To Be a Captain

Some people win the lottery. Some people have a fast metabolism. Some people’s fortunes always come true. But me, I got into Christopher Newport.

CNU is a place like no other. Columns so pristine and glistening, bricks always in perfect contrast to the blue Virginia sky and never-fading green grass. Attending Christopher Newport University has me luckier than a leprechaun.

Aside from the beauty and aesthetics of our campus we are lucky Captains when it comes to academics as well. Small class sizes, hands-on student research and easily accessible professors make Christopher Newport University almost like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Even CNU’s dinning halls, Discovery Cove, and Bistro are magically delicious!  

What really makes Christopher Newport University a lucky four (leaf) year institution is the Captain for Life experience. We cast our sails as freshman and learn to navigate with the changing winds of roommates, deciding majors, creating friendships and preparing for the adult world. But what we learn here, and the memories we make last with us long after we toss our lucky penny into the fountain on graduation day. It’s the memories we have from all-nighters in Trible Library, the trivia nights we barely lost in the Crows Nest, the lingering tasteful memory of a buffalo chicken wrap last with us.

This year we reflect on Thursday, March 17 on all the memories we’ve made. Students are showing their CNU pride with our silver and blue, Captain Chris and just the right touch of green for a lucky finish to our college careers.

Be sure to join in on the memories and use the #CNUDay16 to share your memories on social media!

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